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    Ceiling lighting
    For universal use with
    flat panel displays

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Lumax Workstation Lighting Workstation Lighting Workstation Lighting

The best light for maximum attention and minimal fatigue

Knürr Lighting Solutions
the eye as the most important sense of perception in the control center is always dependent on the optimum lighting. The right light improves the information acquisition and the physiological performance.

Lighting Analysis
Matching the needs of your control room we develop the right lighting concept for you. For the right light at all levels we are available for you as contact person with internal expertise and competent partners. Our extensive lighting program always offers the right solution and the right interfaces.


  • Individual lighting
    • Spot lighting
    • Magnifying lamps
  • Workplace Lighting
    • Overhead Lighting
    • Understructure Lighting
    • Ambient Lighting
    • Signal Lighting
    • Dimming/Light temperature
  • Room Lighting
    • Docking with table control
    • Daylight transition
    • LED luminaire for efficiency and longer service life
  • Consulting
    • Photometry
    • Lighting concept