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Individual Project Solutions - No Problem!

Many application scenarios demand a project specific solution.

When planning, manufacturing, and assembling your individual requirements, Knürr takes multiple factors into account, including your personal requirements as well as legal guidelines.

Sample Considerations:

  • Preparation oft he requirement specifications with clear budgeting and scheduling.
  • Observation of unique design specification subject to regulations and standards.
  • Technical integration.
  • Detailed project documentation.
  • Economical use of existing components and modules.

Industrial designers and Technicians closely cooperate at our product design department to bring form and function in line. The resulting designs are regularly tested by means of 3D-CAD models and you are welcome to incorporate your ideas any time. Any required prototypes are manufactured by experts who translate your wishes and ideas into a real product.

After finalizing the product design, our assembly team takes over the appropriate and proper assembly, installation and initial operation on site.