viereckControl Rooms / Operation Centers:

Our ergonomically designed products are engineered to meet a demanding 24 hour use, and used in control rooms and operation on centers worldwide.

viereckMeasurement Testing- and Laboratory Technology:

As specialists in workstation design, Knürr products are used in the automotive, medical, and electronics industries, as well as research and development laboratories worldwide. Our diversified offerings of fixed and mobile workplace solutions provides a variety of possibilities to position your electronic equipment where it is needed.

viereckMobile Equipment Carriers:

Whether it be the workshop area, electronics lab, in health care applications or in office environment, our extensive standard range provides diverse solutions for the safe and secure mobility of valuable equipment. Our modular designs enable versatile cart configurations, immediately or at any time later on. For demanding ESD environments Knürr provides various cart systems – ranging from robust transport trolleys through to the fully equipped measurements and diagnostics cart.

viereckSuitable Accessories:

Our accessories range from office chairs to optimized lighting solutions designed to improve working conditions in a variety of work environments.