Measuring Testing- and Laboratory Technology

As workplace experts for applications in the electronics industry, automotive, medical technology and research and development, we will implement your ideas. Our wide range of stationary and mobile workplace solutions offer many opportunities to securely position your electronic devices according to your requirements.

Workstations for Electronic Engineers laboratory workstation

Workstations for Electronics Engineers

  • Developer workstations
  • Service Workstations
  • Laboratory Workstations
  • Assembly Workstations
elicon electronic workstations measuring station control room


  • Technology and Office
  • Control- and measuring station
  • Control room and measuring station
dacorack 19 cabinet 19 rack 1

Dacorack 19"

  • Monitoring Centers and Control Centers
  • Control- and measuring station
  • Measuring and Testing workstations
  • Laboratories
power distribution socket strips

Power Distribution / Socket Strips

  • 16A single phase or triple phase
  • GST 18 connection system
  • Compact (19“)
  • Protector (earth-leackage trip, overload protection)
  • Safety (Electrical surge, line breaker)