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    di-strip power distribution circuit breakers overvoltage protection emergency stop fault current protection switch
    Knürr Di-Strip®
    Efficient, flexible and highest safety

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DI STRIP power distribution DI STRIP power distribution DI STRIP power distribution

DI-STRIP® – the power distribution solution for different requirements

DI-STRIP®-Socket Strips of ENP are the solution for every control center looking for robust, efficient and flexible power distribution concepts and due to easy assemly the perfect complement for your project.

With regard to the power distribution the product family DI - STRIP ® meets the needs of many IT applications and other areas. Specially designed for the growing number of electronic components in control rooms, control centers console or server racks. Available with various accessories such as circuit breakers, overvoltage protection, mains filter, Masterslave-function, emergency stop, fault current protection switch, local current measurement and remote power.

Knürr Di-Strip® – Strong Points:

  • Plug field protected with raised casing edges
  • High stability and torisional strength provided with closed sheet steel casing
  • Electrical Safety due to:
    • Full power to all connected consumers with full-length brass busbar
    • Shock hazard-proof and low contact resistance with double spring contacts
  • Optimum use of space with 19” installation
  • Numerous standard products in accordance with international standards. Special models on request
  • Plenty of room for movement with 2.5 m power supply cable. Flexibility provided by standard plug with dual earthing system
  • Appealing design with extruded casing and design side panelsin visible area
  • Cost-conscious due to quick and easy mounting on the rack extrusion
  • 1- and 3- phase systems
  • Socket strip modules can be easily combined using plug-in connections
  • Proven GST18 plug-in system for connecting socket strip modules
  • Worldwide approvals and certifications are a quality feature