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    Knürr Dacbas® Advanced
    The new control room console

Our Services

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High-level Competence, long-time experience and industry specific know-how

Thanks to the knowledge of our engineers and certified workstation experts, Knürr is able to take all aspects of the desired system architecture, ergonomics, modern space planning, and guidelines for machinery and equipment use into consideration.

We are not only concentrating on one individual industry. We gained a lot of experience while working for a long time in diverse areas and we have the necessary industry specific know-how. Knürr’s design expertise covers a wide variety of industries while still providing industry specific know-how our customers require.

Our expertise includes:

  • Control room consoles and control centers designed for application in industrial environments.
  • Control centers for traffic surveillance.
  • Control centers designed for application in security, coordination and security.
  • Measurement Testing Technology and Laboratory Technology.
  • Mobile Equipment Carriers.