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Our Services

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Mobile Equipment Carriers

New workstation concepts and services are aiming to follow the motto “flexibility due to mobility”. Nowhere more clearly as with our Mobile Equipment Carriers.

Whether it be in health care applications, workshop area, electronics labs or in warehouses, Knürr’s extensive standard range of mobile and ergonomically built equipment carriers provides diverse solutions fort he safe and secure mobility of valuable equipment.

Our modular designs enable versatile cart configurations:

  • Robust Transport Trolleys
  • Measurements and Diagnostics Carts
  • Cart system for ESD environments

A large range of accessories supplements our mobile equipment carriers. These include: Flat screen holders, isolating transformers and leakage detectors, cable routing elements, functional rails, various adapters and other accessories fort he medical sector.


Traffic Surveillance small ErgoCon Traffic Surveillance small Dacobas Traffic Surveillance small

Control Centers for Traffic Surveillance

With its planning and execution technologies, Knürr Technical Furniture develops furniture concepts for 24/7 use in control rooms as well as operation centers and control centers.

  • Perspective - technical integration and ergonomically optimized placement of monitors, projectors and additional information systems.
  • Connected - rooms adjacent to the workplace environment stay connected via flexible connection of individual modules.
  • Intelligent - easy integration of 19“ elements, ventilation systems from other vendors.
  • Customized - an easy and comrehensive cable management system.
  • Calm - a pleasant workstation sound level for your workplace.
  • Illuminated - light and brightness at the right spots at your workstation.
EliCon elektronics workstation EliCon Measuring Lab Dacobas Elektronics Modular Desk System

Modular Workstations for Electronic Engineers

Knürr’s Workstation for Electronic Engineers is a modular desk system designed to grow with your changing requirements and is consistently exceeding ergonomic guidelines.

The high level of flexibility in desk superstructures and Knürr’s diverse desk systems permit individual adjustments to various metrological requirements.

According to customer-specific instructions, we design and produce:

  • Test and Service Workstations
  • Assembly and Production Workstations
  • Training and instruction Workplaces
  • Workstations for Research and Testing

Our ESD-workstations reliably meet the rigorous requirements and standards for working with electrostatically sensitive components:

  • Insulation according to VDE 0100, §24 as well as DIN 57 680 Teil 2
  • Protection of electronic components against electrostatic discharge EN 61340
Platform Control Center/Security Tilting Modular Front Panel

Control Centers for Security, Coordination and Surveillance

Due to our extensive experience in ergonomically equipping workstations, our experts at Knürr Technical Furniture develop perfectly adjusted workstations for: fire departments, emergency services, disaster prevention, civil protection, police departments and the private security sector.

Following the motto “Designed for Humans“, our Emergency Centers are designed for a 24 hour workplace, and help to secure a flawless response process.

Knürr’s design considerations incorporate:

  • Your control station - customized to your needs, wether it’s an operation station, Scheduling or Situation Room.
  • Visualizing - large screens, smartboards, whiteboards, sliding boards.
  • Wiring - no more cable clutter which disrupts a smooth process.
  • Lighting - fatigue-proof application due to glare-free, retracted, dimmable LED overhead lights.
  • Acoustic- for room environments which enable a security-related operating.