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    Knürr Dacbas® Advanced
    The new control room console

Our Services

Dacobas® Advanced

The New Innovative Control Room Console. Modular, Efficient, Ergonomic.

knuerr dacobas control room
Circular Setup
knurr dacobas console control room operation center
Concave Setup
knurr dacobas console control room
Convex Setup (Theatre Setup)

Knürr Dacobas® Advanced –

technical solutions for all requirements:

  • Straight or lowered worktop
  • Silent, passive ventilation
  • Several worktop depths
  • Highest stability
  • Integrated technical pedestal
  • Convenient cable management
  • Standard Compliance
  • Ships flat packed for safe transportation
  • Quick and easy to assemble
  • Future proof modularity
knurr dacobas console room console control center
Straight or lowered worktop
knurr dacobas advanced noiseless passive ventilation
Silent, passive ventilation
knurr dacobas advanced control room console
Two depths for technical pedestal:1050 or 1200 mm
knurr dacobas control room consoles
Meets DIN EN ISO 11064
dacobas advanced control room 1be
dacobas advanced control room