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Lumax workstation lighting control room lighting solutions workstation lighting lighting analysis control center workstation lighting lighting solution control room control center operation center

Best lighting for maximum attentiveness and minimum fatigue

Knürr Lighting Solutions
Sharp vision needs optimum lighting. Visual information is a key factor for communication in control rooms. The appropriate light improves information acquisition and operator performance.

Lighting Analysis
We tailor lighting solutions to your control room. Your control room deserves proper illumination at all levels. Our capable experts and competent partners are available for planning the light matching your needs. Our comprehensive lighting program offers the fitting solution and the interfaces needed.


  • Individual lighting
    • Spot lighting
    • Magnifier lamps
  • Workplace illumination
    • System lights
    • Workstation lamps
    • Ambient lighting
    • Signalling
    • Dimming and light temperature
  • Room level lighting
    • Integration in desk control elements
    • Day light curve imitation
    • LED-Lighting for maximum efficiency and longevity
  • Consulting
    • Light level measurement
    • Lighting concepts