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    Training workstation with immersible
    instrumentation – Product Elicon®

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Modular Workstations for Electronic Engineers

Knürr’s Workstation for Electronic Engineers is a modular desk system designed to grow with your changing requirements and is consistently exceeding ergonomic guidelines.

The high level of flexibility in desk superstructures and Knürr’s diverse desk systems permit individual adjustments to various metrological requirements.

According to customer-specific instructions, we design and produce:

  • Test and Service Workstations
  • Assembly and Production Workstations
  • Training and instruction Workplaces
  • Workstations for Research and Testing

Our ESD-workstations reliably meet the rigorous requirements and standards for working with electrostatically sensitive components:

  • Insulation according to VDE 0100, §24 as well as DIN 57 680 Teil 2
  • Protection of electronic components against electrostatic discharge EN 61340