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    knuerr synergy console kvm ready height fixed kvm ready control room console

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Synergy Console Control Room Synergy height-fixed kvm ready console Synergy control room console

Height-fixed KVM-ready Console for Control Rooms!

Knürr offers a product family for uniform equipment and furnishing in the control room in a full-coverage modern design.

The electrically adjustable console and monitor wall complement one another, everything seemes as it’s from one single cast and rounds off the image of a modern control or measuring station. In the same design and with advanced features now the height-fix variant is coming along this product family. This universal solution is characterised above all by its versatility. The base table can be extended with numerous extras. Aligned with add-on desks and corner elements the Synergy Console can be properly combined for various areas of application.

The side part and 120 mm desk tray under the tabletop provides user-friendly cable management. A spacious technical pedestal at the workstation guarantees full leg space. Further advantages of the table are, for example, 19 "frame (2U), the LAN components, socket strips and switches in the console.

SynergyConsole®, solution for height-fix tables:

  • Modular design, stable construction
  • Convenient wiring in the side part
  • Integrated 2U 19”-assembly units in the technical pedestal
  • Three different monitor holder systems to choose from
  • Optimal for KVM applications
  • Ergonomic and standard compliance
  • Design equal height-adjustable version

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