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Perfect Protection enabled by Anti-Collision Technology

Discover a new dimension of collision protection for height-adjustable control station desks!

Piezo-sensory collision protection: The electric motor operated lifting columns of modern control stations provide great lifting power forces up to several kilo newton. Previous protection systems only recognized solid obstacles or mechanical overloads. Our new, hardware based anti-collision solution is much more sensitive and reacts faster than all other software based systems in the market. Improved sensibility: Obstacles get detected reliable and fast. Damage will be faultlessly prevented.

The new sensor is directly connected to the drive and fully integrated into the electro-mechanical lifting columns. The piezoelectric sensor responds to any obstacle. The movement stops within milliseconds and the desktop automatically reverses to a save position.

The new piezoelectric anti-collision technology is exclusively available for our models Synergy and ErgoCon.

Strong Points:

  • Hardware based anti-collision solution
  • Obstacles in the way of procedure get detected reliable and fast
  • Improved sensibility
  • Possible damage will be faultlessly prevented

Make your control room a safer workplace with our piezoelectric collision prevention system! For more information call us +49 8723 28 0 or send us an email under This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..